Storm Restoration / Tarping / Boarding Windows

Storm Restoration / Tarping / Boarding Windows

Was your home hit by a tornado, hurricane or flooding from a heavy rain? Did your property suffer significant structural, water and/or mold damage as a storm swept through the area? You may be able to begin cleaning up by yourself, but there is no substitute for a professional storm restoration company when it comes to a thoroughly clean and sanitized post-storm home.

A&A Restoration Services provides expert storm damage repair in Florida. When severe weather damages your home, you need one or more of our specialized storm restoration services, which include tarping, window boarding, water cleanup and restoration, mold remediation, restoration of belongings, and cleaning of furniture and personal possessions. While some services can wait to be scheduled until the storm subsides and water goes down, the need for emergency roof tarping and board-up services cannot wait. Call us at any time — day or night, weekday or weekend — and we will secure your home ASAP.

Storm Damage Restoration Services

Our technicians have years of experience and specialized knowledge in disaster recovery services. We. are happy to restore your storm-damaged home to its previous condition as effectively and quickly as possible.

Roof Tarping Service. We offer a 5-month warranty on our heavy duty tarping. Falling trees, hail and high winds during a heavy storm may damage the roof of your home. We go to your home immediately and tarp the roof to protect it from further damage and to keep the elements out of your home until the roof can be inspected and repaired.

Board-Up Service. Has a severe storm caused your windows to crack or shatter? A&A Restoration offers window boarding services to safeguard your home from the elements, protect your family from broken glass, and prevent intruders from entering until your windows are replaced.

Inspection. A&A Restoration technicians evaluate the overall damage to your home to determine the exact restoration services you need. After assessing the structural and water damage, they create a plan that may include one or more of the following services: water removal, drying, mold remediation and cleaning.

Preliminary Cleanup. If you’re not sure that staying in your home is safe, please leave and wait until we evaluate the situation. Signs that your home is unsafe include sagging ceilings, buckled walls, broken glass, water contaminated with sewage, submerged outlets and cords, buzzing or popping noises, and sparks.

If remaining is an option, you may begin by mopping floors and blotting wooden furniture to eliminate excess water, removing water-laden furniture and items, transferring undamaged items to a dry place, hanging wet clothing and soft goods to dry, placing blocks between furniture legs and wet carpeting, and turning on fans and air conditioners to facilitate the drying process. Do not use a vacuum cleaner intended for carpets and rugs; only a wet vac is appropriate for extracting standing water.

Professional Water Removal. Our technicians thoroughly evaluate the extent of your home’s water damage before proceeding. Then, they use industrial-strength vacuums and pumps to remove as much water as possible to help prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Next, we focus on removing water and moisture from hard-to-access areas using dedicated drying and dehumidifying equipment and other special techniques.

Pack-Out and Storage. If the best way to clean a room is to empty it first, we take care of that, too. You do not need to hire a moving company to remove and replace large items. We take meticulous care of your items and keep a detailed inventory of your possessions while we store and/or clean them.

Cleaning Possessions. Some personal belongings may be extensively damaged, so discarding them may be the only option. At A&A Restoration, we understand that losing irreplaceable and valuable or sentimental items is devastating, which is why we make every effort to clean and protect the belongings that can be saved.

Depending on the specific item and the damage, salvageable items are restored in various ways. We may utilize immersion, wet, dry, abrasive or foam cleaning, or we may simply spray and wipe the item. We also attempt to restore papers and photographs to the best condition possible using various drying and dehumidification methods, including freeze-drying. We work with a team of electronics technicians to restore computers, TVs and other electronics.

Mold Remediation. While your home appears to have completely dried, mold and mildew may be growing inside walls or in other areas of your home that are not visible. Be on the alert for the presence of mold or a musty odor, which is a sign of mold. A&A Restoration offers mold remediation and restoration services to address this issue.

Structural Repairs. We replace damaged drywall, rebuild areas of your home and make other repairs as necessary to get your home back to its pre-storm condition.