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Fire and Water Damage

Fire can cause devastating damage to your residential or commercial properties. Caused by a faulty wire, an open fire or any other reason, the fire leaves your property in ashes –it also ends up being flooded with water due to firefighting endeavors. The amalgamation of fire and water renders your valuable properties damaged beyond imagination.

On the other hand, water alone can cause significant damage to your property. In case of flooding, caused by faulty pipes or any other reason, the damage can be diminished and overcome if corrective steps are taken immediately. Finding out of the source of the water leakage and then subsequently restoring the damaged sections of the property can help you get your property back in shape.

Faster response times

Time is of the essence when it comes to dealing with fire or water damage. Our faster response time make us one of the most reliable restoration services. A swifter response to a disaster of any size or extent can reduce damage and reduces the possibility of further damage. With a 24-hour emergency helpline, our technicians are available around.

Highly professional & licensed restoration experts

Our team of restoration technicians with years of experience working in water and fire restoration under their belt, will help with your damaged property to be restored to its former glory. Using the latest and most appropriate equipment, our team would repair your property in such a seamless and efficient manner that it would seem as if the fire/water damage never occurred.
With a restore not replace mentality, our technicians ensure that your property is restored in the most cost-effective and efficient way.

Smoke & Water –Secondary Damages in the Aftermath of a Fire

Fire alone can cause considerable damage to a residential or commercial property but the firefighting efforts that follow to put the fire out further destroys valuable property. The amalgamation of smoke and water creates an extremely unpleasant odor in even the parts of the property which were unaffected by the fire.

Empowered with the latest tools, our experts can remove the stubborn smoke odor from your property and even get rid of soot from your carpet and upholstery.