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Every residential or commercial property can be susceptible to mold infestation. The slightest presence of humidity caused by a water source such as plumbing leak or a leaky roof can nurture an infestation. Once conceived, a mold infection can spread rapidly through the property in less than 3 days! Albeit seemingly harmless, mold produces irritants and allergens which can potentially harm the health of those residing within the property.

What is Mold and how do we tackle it?

Mold is a type of fungi which is present always everywhere, both in internal and external environments. It is nearly impossible to eradicate mold entirely from our environments due to their microscopic size. Mold is not harmful as long as it does not reproduce and form large colonies. If there is enough moisture, there is a greater chance of a mold infestation. To overcome mold infestation, it is imperative to first identify the source of moisture and eliminate it –that is exactly what our trained mold removal and remediation experts do.

A&A Restoration Mold Remediation –Faster and effective remediation services

A&A Restoration > ensures a swift and cost-effective response to mold infestation. Our trained and licensed mold remediation technicians not only eradicate mold but also ensure that the infestation does not recur. Most services barely remove existing mold infestations, let alone ensuring that it does not happen again. So, if you sense a potent, musty odor which is a distinctive feature of a mold infestation, you must contact A&A Restoration immediately. The trick to tackling with mold infestation is to stop it before it grows out of proportion

Empowered with the latest tools and techniques, our team diligently combats fungal infestations and protect your residential and commercial properties from future damage as well.